Current position:slow release pc water reducing agent 50% solid content

slow release pc water reducing agent 50% solid content


Detailed introduction:

NEXT-Generation Water Reducing agent

1.Polycarboxylate superplasticizer water reducing agent

2.Slow release polycarboxylate superplasticizer slump retention water reducing agent

2. Slow release Polycarboxylate superplasticizer slump retention water reducing agent

CL-BT-40 and CL-BT-50 Slow release polycarboxylate superplasticizer slump

retention water reducing agents are 2015 new R&D products by Binzhou

Chengli Building Materials CO.,LTD.

The Advantages:

1. New formula,fully reaction, pure appearance

2.Low dosage and high water reducing rato

(40% mother liquid) tested by Shanlv P.O.42.5 ordinary portland cement,

with the dosage of 0.4% of CL-BT-40

87g water+1.2g CL-BT-40+300g cement

Time slump variation retention
30min 240mm rising
60min 280mm max
120min 280mm max
180min 260mm lost

CL-BT-40 and CL-BT-50 have the more stronger effect on keeping slump retention than the other

slump retention water reducing agents of china.

If you met the same trouble ,please ask for a sample to test:

Some kinds of cement are terriblly bad . the normal slump water reducing agents may only can

effect in 30mins. later the cement will lost the pumping ability. but CL-BT-40 and CL-BT-50 can

last the pumping time to at least 60mins.

if need the method of making dilution mother liquid ,please send e-mails

to the sales.

3.CL-BT-40 and CL-BT-50 Slow release polycarboxylate superplasticizer

slump retention water reducing agents can totally take place the other

water reducing agents

polycarboxylate superplasticizer water reducing agents take 60% market

in china,30% market are taken by Aliphatic water reducing agent.

50% Solid Content
No. Inspection Items Unit Standard Value Test Results
1 Appearance / Colorless to yellowish or brown viscous liquid Colorless to yellowish or brown viscous liquid
2 Density g/m3 1.120-1.140 1.1
3 Ph Value / 6.0-7.0 6.7
4 Solid Content % 50±2.5 50±1
5 Alkali Content( Na2O+0.658K2O) % ≤0.50 0.18
6 Chlorine Ion Content % ≤0.200 0.017
7 Sodium Sulfate Content % ≤0.50 0.102
8 1h After Fluidity of Cement Paste mm ≥220 240
9 Water Reducing Rate % ≥25 28
10 Atmospheric Pressure Bleeding Rate % ≤60 21
11 Air Content % ≤6.0 0.42
12 The Difference Between the Setting Time min Initial <-90 35
Final <-90 20
13 Slump Variation Retention 30min ≥180 240
60min ≥180 280
120min ≥180 280
180min ≥180 260
14 Ratio of Compressive Strengh 3d ≥170 180
7d ≥150 165
28d ≥135 145
15 Effect on Reinforcement Corrosion / No Corroding 无 No Corroding 无
16 Ratio of Shrinkage / ≤110 105

Tested by Shanlv P.O.42.5 ordinary portland cement

Materials fully chemical reaction → pure appearance→stable quality

China supplier construction material Specifications:
(1) Powder (with a solid content ≥92%, solid, suitable for a long distance transportation) , or liquid (with a solid content of 20%-50%).
(2) With a high slump retention ability, without concrete segregation, with a much smaller slump loss than that of other superplasticizers.
(3) With a good dispersion, an excellent adaptability to different cements, and good water-reducing properties. A high water-reducing ratio up to 40% could be obtained when used in high strength grade concrete.(higher than C50). With a dosage of 0.4%,water reducing rate up to 28%.
(4) Low chloride content, and no corrosion to steel.
(5) Cement paste fluidity ≥250mm (with a dosage of 0.5%).
Uses and Cautions:
(1) A recommended dosage is 0.25%-0.8%. Actual dosages should be determined by mixture design test according to concrete strength grade.
(2) It is required that the tolerance must be less than 1.0%.
(3) 0℃-40℃ the shelf life of liquid products is 6 months. After expiration date, concrete test must be carried out to confirm the quality.
(4) Concrete test must be carried out before utilization.
(5) This product is forbidden to be mixed with naphthalene superplasticizers.
(6) Experiment must be done when it is used together with other admixtures.

Price&Supply ability


1.The most competitive price in the world.

2.Finish the payment in global mode or use alibaba credit insurance service.

(alibaba credit insurance service is a online payment system. It can protect the buyer from getting the wrong products and punish the seller and make up for the loss of buyer.)

Supply ability:

1.150 containers(1*20') per month.

2.A new order can be prepared and packaged in 2 days.


1. High water reduction

2. Low dosage, and so to save cost in comparison with other water reducers at equal performance

3. To maintain slump perfectly

4. To enable a much better flowability of the mixture

5. To improve the strength and durability of the concrete drastically

6. To save cement at equal strength and durability

7. Eco-friendly since no formaldehyde or benzene

Packaging & Shipping


7-12 days after deposit received. Qingdao Port.

After-Sales Service

(1) Free training on line or in factory or on site technical assistance.

(2) We are going to field visits when cooperation is over a year

(3) Reward the regular customer


1. Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

A: We are a manufacturer of PCE in China.

2. Q: Can you provide technical support?

A: Yes, we can provide on line technical assistance or on site technical assistance.

3. Q: How many is your production capacity?

A: We can produce final products 3000 Metric Tons per month.

4. Q: What’s your MOQ?

A: 1 Metric Ton.

5. Q: Could you offer free sample?

A: Yes, we can provide sample free for your testing.

6. Q: What’s your delivery time?

A: Within 7-12 days after receiving deposit.

7. Q: Could you do OEM or ODM?

A: Yes, we can. We can do solid content 50% or 60%.

8. Q: What’s your export port?

A: Qingdao port.

Free Sample: 150ml

Please send us your consignee account number of DHL for the purpose of our arrangement of delivery.

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