Current position:Poly carboxylic acid water reducing agent

Poly carboxylic acid water reducing agent


Detailed introduction:

CL - 3 - c poly carboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent is my company developed a new type of water reducing agent,

due to the unique molecular structure, the water reducing agent can be through the dual role of electrostatic repulsion and

space barrier to implement of cement particles dispersed, showing excellent dispersant dispersion ability. Has the following advantages:

1. Poly (carboxylic acid high efficiency water reducing agent has high water reducing capacity, water reducing rate can be

more than 30%

2. Use the water reducing agent prepared the flow pattern of concrete workability is good, general won't appear bleeding,

as well as the segregation phenomenon; Slow slump loss.

3. Poly (carboxylic acid high efficiency water reducing agent has a certain atmosphere, can make the air content of concrete

is increased by 2.5 to 4.0%.

4. Poly (carboxylic acid high efficiency water reducing agent can improve the physics properties of concrete, such as

compressive strength, bending, axial compression, and grip strength, etc.

5. When using cement with fly ash and mineral powder mixing materials, such as poly (carboxylic acid water reducing

agent prepared concrete performance is better.

6. Do not contain environmental pollution, affect the health of harmful ingredients.

A. Use the dose

1. Can be used for long distance transportation of commercial concrete mixing concrete and site:

2. Can make ordinary concrete and high strength concrete (strength grade is greater than the C60)

3. Can be used for general plastic concrete, the flow pattern of concrete and high performance concrete:

4. Used in industrial and civil construction, bridge, railroad, hydraulic concrete engineering such as:

5. Apply Yu Qingshui concrete and used to concrete surface appearance of the concrete engineering of high demand.

2. Use the dose

Recommended dosage: 0.4 2.0% (total quality of cementing materials). Gelled material means including cement, fly ash

and expansive agent, silicon powder, mineral powder, such as active material.

3. Note:

1. When using measurement shall grant, within the measurement error of plus or minus 1%;

2. Use should be done before the goods concrete test match;

3. The product should be stored separately, avoid mixed with other types of additive storage, with the mixing naphthalene

series water reducing agent, use;

4. After concrete pouring should carry on the reasonable maintenance.

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