Current position:Naphthalene series superplasticizer

Naphthalene series superplasticizer


Detailed introduction:

This product is developed in the Civil Engineering Department of Tsinghua University foundation, non air entraining

superplasticizer with sodium sulfonate formaldehyde condensate or its homologues as the main body and made into

a composite of other ingredients, this product through joint technical evaluation of Tsinghua University and Shandong

Provincial Economic Commission Organization, has the domestic advanced level, for domestic production of a most high

efficient water reducing agent, the product performance and the international advanced superplasticizer "Mai" performance

of the same.
One, the scope and purpose
HWR-S superplasticizer products for β- naphthalenesulfonic acid formaldehyde condensate, soluble in water, physical and

chemical properties of stability, good effect, is a kind of high performance water reducing agent. High dispersion, low foaming characteristics, high water reducing rate, strength, early strength, enhance the advantages of strong adaptability, method for making cement. Mixed with this product can greatly enhance the fluidity of concrete slump, improve, improve the workability and construction performance. Product no corrosion of reinforcement. Widely used in various concrete engineering, precast element, sleeper, bridges, tunnels, military engineering, National Water Conservancy and electric power engineering, port terminals, runways, high-rise building engineering

After HWR-S superplasticizer in concrete, can greatly improve the mixing flow, increase workability, can reduce the mixing

water, reducing the water cement ratio and the mixture is very good and easy, and the concrete strength is greatly

increased, with similar and not when mixed with HWR-S and easy to keep a concrete mixture, and hardened concrete

have the similar strength, can save a method for making cement 15-20%.

HWR-S superplasticizer suitable for preparation of high strength concrete and high strength concrete, early strength,

anti seepage proof into concrete, pumping concrete, self filling guss concrete. The natural curing and steam curing

prefabricated reinforced concrete and concrete engineering.

1, use the same method for making cement dosage, keeping a close and easy, mixed with this product can improve the

compressive strength, 3 days 7 days increased 50-90%, increased 60-70%, 28 days can improve the 30-60%, by using

525# ordinary Portland method for making cement doped with HWR-S superplasticizer can be prepared 500-800# concrete.

2, the incorporation of 0.5-1.0% (method for making cement dosage) HWR-S slump by up to 15-20 cm 3-5 cm.

3, high water reducing rate, in the mixture of similar slump, the incorporation of HWR-S its water reducing rate can reach


4, saving method for making cement, strength and workability of the same circumstances, can save about 20%, method

for making cement early strength, to improve the later strength and workability of the same circumstances, can save about

10-20% method for making cement.

5, the general method for making cement Portland method for making cement, slag and fly ash method for making cement

has good adaptability.

6, steam curing and good adaptability, can shorten the curing time, reduce the curing temperature of saving energy,

improving yield and quality.

7, concrete mixed with HWR-S, the freezing and thawing sometimes significant enhancement, improve concrete

anti permeability and durability, shrinkage of concrete decrease, and no adverse effect on concrete carbonation.

8, no corrosion of reinforcement effect.
Two, indicating the main detection:
1, solid content: powder 93%, liquid 40%.
2, pH value: 7-9.
3, the surface tension of 70% dyn / cm 1% solution.
4, sodium sulfate content: 15-20%.
5, method for making cement paste fluidity: 240mm
Three, packaging, storage and transportation:
1, the product powder with inner plastic bags woven bag packing, 25KG net weight of each bag or 40KG two.
2, this product is powder, soluble in water, so the storage, pay attention to prevent drench, damp proof, to prevent the

exposure should be sealed and stored during transportation..
3, in the preservation condition in good condition, 24 months shelf-life; overdue shall be related test to determine whether

to continue to use.
4, this product is not flammable, but storage and transportation should be far away from fire.
Matters needing attention:
1, this product is non-toxic, non corrosive. But the prohibition of the use, should be placed outside the scope of the children

and, in case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water inlet, please.
2, with the use of other admixture compound, should compatibility test.

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