Current position: Naphthalene Water reducer

Naphthalene Water reducer


Detailed introduction:


(1) Powder (with a solid content ≥92%, solid, suitable for a long distance transportation) , or liquid (with a solid

content of 20%-50%).

(2) With a high slump retention ability, without concrete segregation, with a much smaller slump loss than that

of other superplasticizers.

(3) With a good dispersion, an excellent adaptability to different cements, and good water-reducing properties.

A high water-reducing ratio up to 25% could be obtained when used in high strength grade concrete.

(higher than C50). With a dosage of 0.8-1.0%,water reducing rate up to 25%.

(4) Low chloride content, and no corrosion to steel.

(5) Cement paste fluidity ≥230mm (with a dosage of 0.8-1.0%).


(1) Used in high performance and high strength concrete with high construction requirements.

(2) Used in high slump concrete, ready mixed concrete, and pumping concrete.

(3) Used in the concrete of high buildings, hydraulic engineering, transport system, port engineering, and

municipal engineering etc.

(4) Used in other high-lift concrete for specific buildings.

Uses and Cautions

(1) A recommended dosage is 0.8%-1.0%. Actual dosages should be determined by mixture design test

according to concrete strength grade.

(2) It is required that the tolerance must be less than 0.2%.

(3) 0℃-40℃ the shelf life of liquid products is 24 months. After expiration date, concrete test must be

carried out to confirm the quality.

(4) Concrete test must be carried out before utilization.

(5) This product is forbidden to be mixed with naphthalene superplasticizers.

(6) Experiment must be done when it is used together with other admixtures.


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