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Wooden cellulose


Detailed introduction:

Wooden cellulose is a natural renewable wood through chemical processing, mechanical processing method for

organic flocculent fiber material, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, no radiation. Widely used in concrete mortar, gypsum

products, wood pulp sponge, asphalt roads, and other fields, to prevent the coating crack, improve the water retention and

improve the stability of the production and construction of conformance, increase strength, strengthen adhesion to surfaces

has a good effect. Its technology is mainly used to thixotropic, protective carrier, absorption, and filler.

Due to the effect of capillary of the fiber structure, the system of internal moisture quickly transmitted to the slurry surface

and interface, making pulp dramatically reduce water evenly distributed within the crust. And makes the bond strength and

surface strength increased significantly, this mechanism is also due to the tension in the process of drying decreased obviously

have the effect of crack resistance. Wood fiber dimensional stability and thermal stability in the thermal insulation material

has played a very good insulation cracking effect.

Lignocellulose not soluble in water, dilute acid and alkaline solution; Neutral PH value, can improve the corrosion resistance


Low proportion of lignocellulose and large specific surface area, it has excellent thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound

insulation, insulation, and the permeability, thermal expansion even can't afford to shell cracking; Higher wet film strength

and covering effect.

Lignocellulose has excellent flexibility and dispersion, blend to form a three-dimensional network structure, enhance the

support and durability in the system, can improve the system stability, strength, compactness and uniformity.

Wood fiber structure viscosity, make processing good uniformity of prefabricated pulp (wet material) to stay stable and reduce

the contraction and expansion system, make the construction or fabrication precision is greatly improved.

Low wood fiber has a strong anti-freeze and heat capacity, when the temperature reaches 150 ℃ can heat insulation for days;

When up to 200 ℃ can heat insulation dozens of hours; When more than 220 ℃ can also heat insulation for hours.

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