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a letter from monica liu

Have a good day!

   This is Monica , Sales Manager from Binzhou
Chengli Building Materials Co.,Ltd. ,a well established concrete additives and
chemical raw materials manufacturer in China.

1.Product ability:

(1)4 lines with production
3000MT per mouth;

(2)Covering an area of 2.6

(3)12 products with output
value $2,400,000;

2. Price Superiority:

(1)Larger order quantity,
deeper price discount;

(2)Lower than our peers for
same quality products;Otherwise, price spread will be compensated certainly;

3. Quality & Service:

(1) Professionalism and
reliability:Specilaizing in Concrete admixtures 7 years in China;

(2) High-quality raw
materials:e.g. Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer,using imported raw materials

(3) All for clients:

Free samples with product
descriptions can be sent to you at your convenience.

We provide on-line technical
support at any time. If necessary, on-site guidance is available.

   We have products catalog and quotation.If
you are interesed in our products,we hope to have an in-depth communication in
the future.

   Looking forward to receiving your reply


Beat Regards,


Customer service

Customer service