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Information Centre

A letter from export partment manger

The numbers are what we have now.

Here are the things we can do and keep on doing:

Product quality

High-quality raw materials:e.g. Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer,using imported raw materials TPEG

Production ability

1. 150 Containers(20')  a Month.

2. A new order can be prepared and packaged in 2days.


1. The Most Competitive Price in the World

2. Can finish the payment in global mode or use alibaba trade insurance service.(alibaba credit insurance service is a online payment systerm. it can protect the buyer from getting the wrong products and punish the seller. and makes up for the loss of the buyer)


7-12day after deposit received

After-Sales Service

1.  Provide technical support,if necessary,we can on-site guidance

2.  We are going to field visits when Cooperation over a year

3.  reward the regular customer

Sample management

1. Free samples (150ml bottle with introduction)

2. Every sample will be put on record. Stable product quality  controled.

Customer service

Customer service